About us

Welcome to the Borrowdale Story. Our aim is two-fold:

a) to enrich the experience of our visitors, encouraging all who come here to understand what makes it so special, support our local businesses and perhaps make return visits to learn – and enjoy – more of the valley.

b) to enhance the experience of the local community spread across 6 hamlets within the Valley.

The Borrowdale Story has an exhibition at the Chapel at Grange-in-Borrowdale (CA12 5UQ)

Originally a local church-led initiative, we are a group of Valley residents working together on a voluntary basis to produce the interpretation boards, leaflets and other resources.  This has helped us discover our shared history and identity.   In particular, grants can be made available to help fund activities which contribute to either or both of the two overriding aims of the Borrowdale Story.

Visitor and local participation is encouraged and we welcome feedback for the Story to continue evolving so do Contact Us.

Or simply browse and enjoy!